Types of links and their intent

02Feb, 2020

When talking about SEO there’s different types of backlinks. In this article we briefly describe them and their purpose.

Foundation links

These are baseline links as in when you start a new website and need fresh links. Such links are usually non specific and contain no special anchor text. Such links are usually the brand name itself or the URL of the website. Such links can be placed on generic website (web2.0, pdf sharing websites, youtube, forum profile pages etc).

Diversification links

These links are used to dilute your anchor text ratio. For example if you have multiple links to your website carrying a desired keyword this may trigger a penalty (see Google Pengiun for more information). So in order to keep everything normal you can use such links to dilute the anchor text ratio. This ratio should be low (lower than 5%-10%, however only Google knows what exactly is the percentage). Such links are usually carrying anchor text such as “click here”, “source”, “link”, “reference”, etc. You have seen them before.

Targeted links

These are very important links as they carry your desired keyword that you wish to rank for organically. Such links should be placed on high quality domains with great authority – for example via Guest Post or PBN links (PBN stands for Private Blog Network).

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